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  1. I had often wondered vaguely why the logo of your site is an elephant… now I stopped to really look at it and saw a bishop next to it. Good one! ;)

  2. Actually, a very similar game was played recently in German Bundesliga – see http://chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1602492. I think I saw it annotated somewhere on the Internet, but right now I cannot find it anymore

  3. And in Hindi (India), the rook is called an “elephant”, and the bishop is a “camel”.
    Funny how these things panned out…

  4. In American English, one could say, “Everyone has the right to be out in left [field]” or something along those lines.

  5. Hi,
    I fail to see what is so fantastic about this. After only two moves each they have reached a well-known position. It was just a transposition of moves.

  6. Misha, just a short note to thank you for the many, many translations you’ve given us that are a joy to read.

    You took a piece of excellent writing (Shipov’s) and turned it into sparkling, idiomatic English. I like the way you deftly handled the translator’s note (complete with Youtube link) and then tacked on the footnote about налево and its connotations.

    More from the translator would have been obtrusive, less would have deprived us of the chance to learn something about Russia’s culture and language.

    Shipov’s apparently an inveterate punster. Speaking of puns, I’m hoping that Mig will one day slip in one of my favorite mondegreens, “Hit the B square!” (Huey Lewis and the News.)

  7. Samy Shoker of Egypt played only 1.g3 and has now become a Grandmaster playing 1.g3 throughout his career and not just a surprise weapon In 2011 World team Championship Samy shoker defeated GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 2765 of Azerbaijan, GMAlexander Areshchenko 2682 of Ukraine,drew with GM Evgeny Postny of isreal 2618,drew with Gabriel Sargissian of Armenia 2663, drew with GM Peter Svidler of Russia 2739, drew with GM Li Chao of Chine 2669, with losses to Polgar, Ganguly and Hess to score Score: 4-5 (GM norm, 2675 opposition, 2632 TPR) (www.akinov.blogspot.com) The question then is what does it take to be good at playing this opening??

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