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    by Paul . USA

    “Paul”, from Hungary/”USA”… All reasoned views (or even unreasoned polite views!) are welcome – but please don’t simply insult people. I’ll just remove similar comments in future.


  2. I agree with Shipov that this at least borders on paranoia. Actually the letter directly accusing Feller and Wirig was (to my knowledge) so far only mentioned by Danailov – and we know that he isn’t always the most reliable source … .

    But I disagree with him that Feller’s performance in Aix-les-Bains “indirectly proves his innocence at the Olympiad”. Cheating cannot turn a (comparatively) weak player into a strong one, because too much outside (engine) assistance would be required to bridge the gap between 2200/2400 and 2650. But it can turn a strong player into an even stronger one – one or two hints during a game would be enough.

    An analogy from my other hobby running: With doping, a marathon runner might gain a minute (difference between first and second place). But he will not gain an hour (difference between first or tenth and, say 567th place).

    So while I don’t think that Feller – as some people suspect- cheated throughout his career and would be nowhere without it, I also don’t think that “there was no need to cheat before either” (bold letters in the original Russian version?).

  3. Just a subject of meaning :)

    Did you think an illusionnist stop his show because there are many people all looking for the puzzle ?

    You are GM, not illusionnist, if there is a trick you shouldn’t be able to find it :)

    I hope there is not ^^

  4. ‘The bad boy against the system’

    Hello, well all this affair of cheating accusations by FFE is not very clear.

    Just two remarks:

    1) If there was cheating during the olympiads, what would be the reason of this cheating for Sebastien Feller :
    – to be sure to win the prize and to earn money and give it to his friend IM Marzolo ?
    – to gain some more points on the elo ranking ?

    2) If there was no cheating, what would be the reason of these accusations by FFE:
    – To gain the next elections for the presidence of FFE in the name of the ethic ?
    – to exclude one young talent who was clearly opposed to the FFE before this affair (he is pro Iloumzinov and ffe pro-karpov et the fide elections) in favor of Friends of the FFE ?

    That some reasonable questions we can ask for now.

  5. @ParisFrance:

    1) If there was cheating, I could propose two other reasons or motivations:
    – Feller was in the shadow of Vachier-Lagrave. This may be because the federation prefers VL, or because he is an (even) stronger and more talented young player. In any case, the Olympiad was Feller’s chance to get some media attention and recognition – initially the type he may have wanted.
    – They weren’t “selfish”, but wanted the best for the French team by all available means. If caught (but cheaters don’t think they will be caught), they may have expected tacit approval from the federation, rather than investigation, condemnation and punishment.

    2) If there was no cheating … well, personally I find it hard to believe that the accusations were invented, and the evidence fabricated. To me it seems that Hauchard was a friend of the federation (team captain and long-term coach of Vachier-Lagrave), did “they” sacrifice him to hurt Feller??
    Also France is, to my knowledge, a democracy. The federation isn’t some sort of Communist party where the boss rules, and the others follow his orders. The disciplinary commission that decided on the Feller case included men of flesh and blood with independent brains.

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