8 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Tata Steel Chess 2011, Rd 9”

  1. you missed black’s 14th move

  2. ARONIAN-related: Why the limit of 10 questions? Any leniency for people who didn’t submit Qs to any previous interview?

    Please answer the following question in case anyone wants to submit more than 10 Qs:
    Do you check the limit of 10 based on name or ip or all? And if it’s only on name, are you dumb enough to not change it after reading this question?


  3. Well, I’ve always found it impossible to ask anything, but with Aronian…. I don’t know; I’m sure some of my Q’s are silly, but the fact I’m having any at all makes me wanna pen ’em down. So advance apologia for my pile of crap that I think I’ll be adding more to -;)

  4. Shipov R11: Exchanging pawns on c4 with the white bishop on c1 would simply be a shame.

    Is it f1 instead of c1?

  5. This is the first time I clearly sensed him rooting for Nepo… comments like
    “It’s still too early to despair as White has counterchances.”

    Was hoping to get some coffee, but alas!

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