7 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Tata Steel Chess 2011, Rd 8”

  1. Thanks, enjoyed it very much !

  2. Thanks, GM Shipov (and translator). Great comments and approach to the game.

  3. I regularly read the chessbase site and saw this link in one of their reports. Since then, I have been following GM Shipov’s commentaries and they are great fun to read in addition to being educative. Thanks a lot!

  4. [After 24. Nxe6 Rxe6 25. Qh3! Rxg6 26. Nd5 I couldn’t find a reliable defence for White.]

    (Shouldn’t it be Black?)

  5. “31…Nf7 Hikaru can’t believe what’s happening – he’s playing on to mate.”
    Or maybe he saw what was coming, and the beuaty of it, and played on just to be polite towards us, the spectators?!

  6. Thanks for the translation!

    It’s a joy to read. Well translated!

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