5 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Tata Steel Chess 2011, Rd 5”

  1. Rd 6: “I’m not expected a bloodless draw. ”

    Love to see you back at work.
    Why’ve you stopped putting a link to the live game beforehand on the home page? I liked that idea. That way, idlers like me can bla-bla while the game is on :)

    And deeply obliged for your new efforts with the replay-games page. Once you complete it regularly, in a few years, we’ll have a page with many of Shipov’s commentaries on a replayable board!

  2. “the draw sequence of the ex-champion … will be hard to break”
    For once, Shipov was wrong – of course the hardest predictions are those about the future.

  3. Next question: Who will break Kramnik’s winning sequence? Maybe Ponomariov tomorrow, but then he has decent chances against l’Ami, Smeets and – dare I say it – with white against Carlsen … . His tournament isn’t over yet.

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