5 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Tata Steel Chess 2011, Rd 10”

  1. Mr. Shipov’s commentaries are always amazing, especially his use of figurative language.

    “The bishop on b7 continues to play first violin in Black’s orchestra. The position of White’s king provokes anxiety.”

    “Hangmen in black are closing in on the white monarch.”

    “And the members of his court are forced to step aside.”

    Kudos to Mr. Shipov and his translator!

  2. Is ” got into the jet stream ” a ref to “The Kid/Carlsson on roof” cartoon?

  3. Mishanp, why don’t you change your chessboard color from black & white to blue? It’s a lot better for the eyes.

  4. what nonsense
    the fighter was carlsen
    not someone who offers a draw by repetition
    subjective reporting

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