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  1. A terrifically entertaining article – thank you!

  2. How is it that Shipov never explained this to you before? Surprised that he never read your translations to make sure that you weren’t screwing it up. Or maybe he doesn’t know any English?

    Anyway, great effort… thanks! (awaiting translation of the complete Shipov-Carlsen game :))

  3. Fascinating read! mishanp’s translations make it clear that Shipov is the best chess commentator.

    (And through Astrid Lindgren there is even a connection to Kalle Blomkvist and thus to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” :)

  4. Let’s not forget Ilon Wikland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilon_Wikland), who illustrated a lot of Astrid Lindgren’s books and created the original Karlsson:

  5. We actually had a fantastic debate about Malysh and Carlson on ChessVibes forum of Nanjing Round1 report!!! What a funny coincidence :) The thing is that Russian spectators tend to call Carlsen “Carlson”, because, as you know, they sound identical in Russian, and, funny enough, I call you-know-who Malysh because I find him quite similar to the cartoon hehe ^^

  6. Hmm… so I guess you’ll duty will have to be to translate The Kid’s (or the glutton’s) superpowers literally, and add a translator’s note each time. That’s gonna be irritating; the sadist in me loves it :)

  7. Nice article :-)

    The story about Magnus’ various Russian nick names should be well-known to the Norwegian chess fans, since I wrote more or less the “same” article for the Norwegian chess magazine some years ago. If you don’t understand Norwegian, you can look at the pictures, and you’ll see what I mean …


  8. Thanks mishanp and frogbert – keep up the good work!

  9. And then Carlsen goes on to emulate his namesake:

    Karlsson-på-taket often threatens to refuse to play with Lillebror/Junior, unless he gets his way, labelling other alternatives as “unfair”. In Swedish, by memory: “Om det ska va så här orättvist, då är jag inte med” (“If it is to be this unfair, then count me out”).

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