8 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Carlsen – Shirov”

  1. Another fantastic translation of a fantastic commentary of a fantastic game by the fantastic Magnus Carlsen! (Sorry for excessive happiness)

  2. There was me thinking both you and Shipov had thrown in the towel :-)

    I have put out a bulletin on my site, just in case there are any passers-by.

  3. Thank’s for the traslation!

  4. I for myself thought for a minute too, it could be a fortress…but it wasn’t.
    What this tells us: Never give up! Shirov managed to transform a totally lost position into an arguable one.
    Thanks for the very good job – the analysis and the good translation !!

  5. Thank you for the translation! Many thanks as always to GM Shipov for his insightful and entertaining comments.

  6. mishanp / Colin, indeed – you are doing a great service to the chess community. Shipov’s comments are unparalleled.
    Here is what I wrote about his analyses last year on chessgames.com, when only very little of it was still available in English:

  7. Congratulations for the tolkienian narrative of the Carlsen vs Shirov game. Excellent!

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