11 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Anand – Kramnik”

  1. When one game finishes early, why can’t Shipov switch to the other one?

  2. well… the end product makes for pretty smooth reading nevertheless. Great work live!! I love Shipov bcos of you (that’s the best compliment a translator can get, I guess :) )

  3. Hiya Colin,
    I made the pgn file that your adoring public is clamouring for :-)
    Took me a while. I included the variations.
    The address for download is on my site. See what you think and make sure it works. Once you’ve taken it over, I will delete the link on my page. So far just game 3.

  4. Hi mishanp,

    “It was certainly near impossible to translate quickly enough!”
    You did a terrific job “doing the impossible”! :) Maybe it was good practice for something you apparently don’t do (as paid work): simultaneous translations e.g. at conferences.

  5. “It’s simply some sort of monstrous immersion in theory, in the style of an excavator. For us, humans with spades, such large-scale work and bottomless pits look crazy.”

    A wonderful phrase. Thank you for the translations.

  6. A tremendeously good wep page here. Deep insights by Shipov simultaneously and transformed into good english as well.
    What can we ask for more?

  7. Dear mishanp,

    Lots of thanks for the great work – Shipov’s analysis and all those wonderful interviews.
    I’ve edited the TWIC pgn file to incorporate Shipov’s analysis of the six games, variations in the text are clickable, looks ok to me. Can I send them to you so that you can upload them in your site?
    All the best for the site.

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