7 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Ponomariov – Kramnik”

  1. Thanks mishanp! I love Shipov’s live commentaries, but have suffered under the Google translation.

    Good luck with the site, I already know I’ll be a regular visitor here. :)

  2. WoW! What an amazing ‘tour de force’ game by GM Ruslan Ponomariov. It was nothing short of spectacular… ;)

    Me thinks GM Shipov simply outdid himself (is that even possible!?) this time keeping on top of the complex position at every turn with his impeccable analysis.

    Kudos too for our translator MISHANP! :))

    I was on the edge of my seat with each and every mighty blow!!

    Guessing by the leaders score we’ll see ‘Naiditsch vs Ponomariov’ tomorrow. :)

    Can’t wait!! ~lol~

    Keep up the great work! :D

    All the Best, – Mal
    Berkeley, CA

  3. “In fact you should realise that I’m acting as a shaman, sending mental impulses to Ponomariov to make him play uncompromising chess. No-one wants to see a dry, colourless draw after a series of exchanges in the Petroff. Better some blood is spilt! And it doesn’t matter whose…”

    It worked!

  4. Thanks a lot for this wonderful site, and specially for the properly translated commentaries. You’ve increased hundred times the pleasure of following the games.
    Best wishes from India.

  5. you put in diagrams this time; THANKS!! (I was hesitating to ask it of you…)

  6. “The diagrams do help, don’t they! Almost all of the credit’s due to Shipov, who somehow found the time to add them to his Russian text – so I could just cut and paste rather than trying to make them myself. Of course it also helped that it was a game of dramatic moves that deserved diagrams!”

    Mishanp – In fact GM Shipov provided no less than 7 diagrams for the complexities of the game ‘Mamedyarov-Le’ from Round #3 yesterday! If he keeps this it up I’d say this in answer to your next question…

    “The next step would be to try and add a javaboard that would make it possible to play through all the moves (and analysis) as you can do on the Russian page – though it could all go horribly wrong :)”

    I must say the most important thing (especially for us non-Russians, or anyone that cannot read or understand the Russian text) is the translation! It gets “1st prize” each and every time. :) We have so many sources available to us to view the games online (the official tournament website, various Chess servers, dedicated websites and blogs all devoted to chess). It’s simply not necessary… The Chess diagrams by themselves are more than enough. All IMHO of course. ;)

    Looking forward to your translations of the Dortmund game from round #5 on Monday when the assignment once again returns back to you (from ‘Dana Blogs Chess’ now covering rounds 3-4). :)

    All the Best, – Mal
    Berkeley, CA

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