10 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Kramnik – Le Quang Liem”

  1. Sometimes I try out a phrase in Google Translate. For example, where you have “White gets an advantage after”, Google has “By the preponderance of white bicycles”. :-)
    Thanks very much for this service!!

  2. Very much appreciate your time and effort. Great site.

  3. Dortmund Rd 1

    Final moves…

    64. Rxd6 Qxd6

    1/2 – 1/2

    [And thanks from this exhausted translator! I don’t know how Sergey manages… I’ll try to eventually put this commentary in the post on the main page, and tomorrow the next live game should be here. See you then!]

    Hehehe… “Exhausted” – yes fully understand! ;)

    That was a job well done! :^)

    Can’t even begin to tell you how much seeing such a fabulous annotator like GM Sergie Shipov (of ‘Crestbook’ fame) and reading his superb analysis & witty comments (pun city) properly translated properly into English is.

    A hearty “clap-clap” from an old Chess master in Berkeley, CA. :D

    Best Regards, – Mal

    PS: Many thanks to for bringing this to our attention on the Chessgames.com website in the ‘Dortmund’ tourney link! (on pages 2-3). :)

  4. Thanks for this.

  5. Great effort! Thanks from Brazil!

  6. Greatly indebted….

  7. Thank you very much, mishanp, your site is a real joy!

  8. A million thanks, mishanp. Amazing service.

  9. Thank you very much! For non-russian speaking people (my native tongue is Spanish, but I am able to understand english quite well), these translations are great!
    Congratulations for Sergey , his comments are always welcome for chess fans.

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