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Sergey Shipov’s commentary on the Anand-Gelfand match

World-renowned commentator Sergey Shipov is providing live commentary on the World Championship match in Moscow between Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand. The Russian originals at Crestbook will be translated into English here at Chess in Translation, and by Dana Mackenzie at his blog.

Sergey’s commentary on the first game can be found at the dedicated Chess in Translation page for the World Championship match (also accessible from the “Live Games” drop-down menu above):


That page contains more information and will also be the home of the future commentary. The latest game (or a link to it) can be found at the Live Games page:


mishanp :

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  • Thanks, as ever! I'd spotted the first one myself but not the next two. Quite a tough game as there were never really any breaks - at least for the translator...

  • twas great fun. Fantastic that you're live updating a player so i can play through variations.

    Today is gonna be at some other blog right? does that guy also have a player? And do you think his Shipov will be the same as your Shipov?

  • can't find it on the dana blogs chess link. can you please provide a more specific link?

  • The commentary will be there a couple of hours or so after the game's over. It's not going to be live as it's 4am where Dana lives.

  • aw, that's no good. u too busy during a WCC? you should've arranged your job around this...

  • I'm actually flying in a few hours' time (that was carelessly planned!), but Dana's excellent and e.g. translated Shipov's commentary on the last World Championship match before I was doing it properly (I was posting bits and pieces at ChessNinja): http://www.danamackenzie.com/blog/?page_id=856

    It's strange to watch the game and read Shipov's commentary without thinking about the translation! He's already posed a few challenges... :)

  • dana's shipov seems less dignified than yours. His tone's a bit too bantering....

    I definitely prefer your Shipov. Was interesting to see how a translator modifies/masks the personality of the original writer.

    I don't know Shipov anymore. That's why was reluctant to read another translator.

    I'll have to think of your guy as "shipov" and that guy as "dana's guy".

  • I also couldn't get it to work, though you could just copy and paste all the text into Google Translate.

    I got it working with Internet Explorer and right clicking and choosing the translation option, but oddly it didn't work in Chrome from http://www.microsofttranslator.com

    Of course you end up with "after the desertion white elephant" and so on!

  • LOL!
    (greedy me was hoping to get a translated version in the game player -:))

    btw, the english commentary host "during commercial break, don't go away, or go away only for a short while..."!!! that was hilarious.

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