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Sergey Shipov to commentate live on Kramnik – Aronian

After a long break I’m again going to be translating live commentary by GM Sergey Shipov. He’s covering the eagerly anticipated 6-game match in Zurich between Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian, and you’ll be able to find my live translation at ChessVibes.

Note: all of Shipov’s commentary can now be found on the following dedicated page: http://www.chessintranslation.com/aroniankramnik2012/

The eagle-eyed (or even the not so eagle-eyed!) will have spotted it’s again become very quiet here at Chess in Translation. That’s largely because I’ve recently been working much more closely with ChessVibes, including writing a number of reports and articles there this month:

I’m now also going to be providing live translation of Sergey Shipov’s commentary on the upcoming Kramnik – Aronian match in Zurich (see this ChessVibes preview for all the information). Shipov of course needs no introduction for readers of this site, and is unquestionably the master of the difficult format of live text commentary. He manages to combine instruction and insight into the thought processes of the players with humour and a real literary talent – a wonderful supplement to the ubiquitous computer analysis.

You can find all the previous live commentary by Sergey Shipov available at Chess in Translation here (there are also special game viewers for Bilbao 2010 and Tata Steel 2011), while I last translated his commentary on Biel 2011 for WhyChess (one game each round has commentary except for Round 10).

Kramnik – Aronian begins at 15:00 Zurich time (14:00 London, 09:00 New York) on Saturday 21st April. Sergey Shipov’s commentary will appear in Russian at Crestbook, and in English at ChessVibes. Don’t miss it!

mishanp :

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  • No, you didn't actually miss any live commentary :) I thought the commentary was going to appear elsewhere (also not live) and only put up the page here at the last minute. I'll add a post on the main page and some other things I need to do today. I should be translating games 2 & 3 live.

  • and you're actually doing it on your player!
    this is the ideal scenario i'd wanted always.
    Thank you (and especially for not getting offended at my outburst)

  • ya, pity he's hardly talking about the game at hand (thankfully you're filling in that part)

  • Shipov, mishanp, Anand and Gelfand must be glad that the match doesn't have Sofia rules (the only way to keep such a game going beyond move 30 or 40).

  • I like (liked) Nigel's commentary. It's quite similar to English cricket commentary in its tangential relation to the matter at hand!

    I must admit I definitely don't have any problem with not having the Sofia Rules in place... although Shipov's always good (i.e. has a lot of interesting things to say) in positions which certain commentators would just dismiss as dull.

    Now to see if I can persuade my internet host to remove the blocks they put on this site because it was taking up 70% of the shared server's resources (the limit is 25%)... working out why it was doing that might be a good place to start!

  • ya, Nigel did start discussing the game a bit more towards the end, so overall he was good.
    Nice to see that Short praised Rfe8 while Shipov had his doubts...
    awaiting svidler very very eagerly.

    Also, love the chance to learn about Russian history/culture during these Shipov commentaries.

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